Angels and Demons: A Review

My girlfriend and I caught a late show of Angels and Demons last night. A few nights ago, we watched The DaVinci Code on DVD. I think, had we not revisited the past, I would have found Angels much more enjoyable.

It's not that I didn't like Angels. I thought it was very good, in fact. The suspense was fantastic. The action was awesome. Even they way they incorporated as much from the novel into the movie, and whatever they changed seemed to make much more sense was a great piece of movie making. But by the end of it, it just left me hollow.

I enjoyed the novel version of Angels and Demons much more than I enjoyed the novel of The DaVinci Code. Yet, somehow, that flip-flops when it comes to the films. I think that DaVinci the movie had a much more exciting plot to it, with more confusing and intelligent puzzles. Angels, on the other hand, had elements literally pointing Robert Langdon to the end. The fun of the novel was learning about the past members of the Illuminati, such as Galileo and sculptor Bernini. But all of that is absent from the film, and it just becomes a race to the end.

All in all, I liked Angels and Demons. I would watch it again on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Hell, I'll most likely even buy it on DVD, if not for the extras about the Illuminati. But were you to ask me which I preferred, I would have to side with The DaVinci Code.

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