Thinking about going to MoCCA Fest.

If you are into comics and art which, clearly, I am, mark your calendars for June 6th and 7th. The 2009 MoCCA Festival will be held on these two days and I'm considering going. I have heard lots of good stuff about these comic fests, and there will be many people in the comics industry there, selling original art and answering questions.

By why am I only considering going? You see, I will be going to Wizard World Philly again this year, so I need as much cash as possible for that. If I go to the MoCCA Fest, first I have to spend $20 for a train, then $10 for admission. I know I'm gonna have to eat at some point in the day, maybe even twice, so that will be close to $40. And I'll definitely have to buy something, and who knows how much that would be.

I really would like to go. I think it would help to cement my decision if I knew who was going to appear. There is a list of creators scheduled to be there, but none of them really tickle my fancy, with the exception of Al Jaffee and Adrian Tomine. And for some reason, DC will be appearing but not Marvel. What's up with that?

Anyway, if you are in the New York area during the first weekend in June, swing by Lexington Avenue and 25th Street. Seriously, a ten dollar admission for what will likely be a great festival is not bad at all. But I'm just thinking I need to save for Philly.

But who knows? I could change my mind. Looking at the list of exhibitors, it might be a good chance to network and meet some people. Neither my art nor my writing is at the point to be working with many of these companies, but I can always collect business cards to have an address to send shit to down the road. And I can aways ask for advice from some of the artists and writers, such as tips for ideas and any resources they may know of.

Yeah, maybe going to MoCCA would be a good thing.

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