'Thor' casting news.

In case you hadn't noticed, Marvel has been making some awesome movies as of late.

Following up hit movies like the 'Spider-Man' trilogy and 'Iron Man,' Marvel has put Thor on the shortlist to appear on the silver screen. And apparently, production is coming along swimmingly.

Kenneth Branagh has been tapped to direct the film, which I find odd. Yes, Mr. Branagh is an awesome actor, but can he direct? From what I read on Twitter, Joe Quesada trusts his vision, so I shall also, but I will proceed with caution.

Other big news is the casting of the movie's villain, Loki. A young bloke by the name of Tom Hiddleston has been chosen to play the half-brother trickster of the Thunder God. Looking at Mr. Hiddleston's IMDB page makes me realize how he was cast so quickly; he and Mr. Branagh did some work together on a television show called "Wallander." The direct trusts his skills. I'll trust them as well.

One other piece of news I've heard is the casting of Thor, but I'm not certain of it's validity. Chris Hemsworth's name, who played George Kirk in the new Star Trek movie, is being said to play the titular character. GeekTyrant has a write up about how he got the part, but the film is not listed on his IMDB page as it is on Branagh's and Hiddleston's. If this news is true, it has yet to be officially announced, so could change at any time. Like I said, I don't trust its validity, so I will wait until the official announcement.

Though they may or may not have cast a God of Thunder, Thor seems to be chugging away nicely. A director. A villain. Shit, it already has more than some completed films have had. I may not be a big fan of Thor, but I'm somewhat excited about this movie.

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