Free Comic Book Day

You may have been aware that today was Free Comic Book Day. I believe this is the seventh or eighth year that the industry has been celebrating the holiday and little by little the event gets more successful.

When I tell people about Free Comic Book Day, they usually respond with "They give away comics?" They sure do. The comics that they give away are specially printed, displaying the FCBD logo on the cover. Sometimes they are re-prints of stories, sometimes it new stuff. But each one is absolutely free. You just walk into any comic shop and grab one. Some comic shops even let you take one of each.

You can get more information on FCBD here. What I like about FCBD is that Marvel tends to promote the event by releasing a movie the day before. Yesterday, X-Men Origins: Wolverine hit theaters. Last year it was Iron Man. The year before that, Spider-Man 3. Marvel knows how to tie their shit together I tell you.

Sadly, I am giving you this information for you to take part in the festivities. But you can mark your calendar for next year. FCBD always happens on the first Saturday in May, the day after a huge Marvel blockbuster movie hits the theaters. Make sure you check it out. No purchase necessary.

Also, if anyone did take part, have you noticed that a couple of Marvel's comics were smaller than usual? Are they trying to conserve paper? If so, that's cool with me. They do so much for the industry and the books are free anyway. Let them do what they need to. I'll support them either way.

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