Taylor Kitsch talks Gambit spin-off

After being rocketed to stardom by starring in what will be one of the highest grossing films of 2009, Taylor Kitsch truly believes that what he wants actually matters.

Kitsch says in an interview that in a Gambit movie spin-off, he would like to explore the relationship between his character and Rogue, who have a twisted, on-again-off-again love affair in the comics.

OK. I can get into that. It is a huge part of both characters.

Kitsch goes on to say that he would like to "see how he is with the women in the casino there, with the charm and the suave and the effortlessness it takes with him."

Let me get this straight... you want your character to be a whore?

It's strange how in thirty seconds time, Kitsch can go from having a great subplot idea for a Gambit spin-off, to making a porno flick. What's he going to call it, 'Gambit and the seX-Men'?

Wanna know what I would like to see in a Gambit film? No Taylor Kitsch.

Despite being the lowest point of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Kitsch is just a sub par actor. How he got the role to start with is beyond me. (Probably because Josh Holloway turned it down and Johnny Depp was busy with other things.)

Kitsch is talentless, pure and simple. I can overlook his presence in Wolverine because Gambit had no characterization in that movie. But if he were to star in a full-length Gambit film, it would be atrocious. He does not have what it takes to express the intricacies in Gambit. Despite what people think about the character, Gambit is deep and tortured, plagued by the guilt of the poor decisions he has made in the past.

Taylor Kitsch is nothing but a pretty face.

I wouldn't mind seeing a Gambit film, so long as the title character is recast.


  1. what the hell is your problem with Kitsch? he's one of the highlights in that movie.

    He's a talented actor and he was just being polite to that question about Paquin. He clearly knows now that the relationship between them is hated by most gambit fans and that's why he said he doesn't want to see only that.

  2. he's not the one who brought Rogue into the conversation or into a possible spin-off, the interviewer asked him about her, Go watch the video of this interview and get your facts straight.

  3. Dear reader,

    You are an idiot.

    You insist that I "get my facts straight" by watching the video, yet seeing more of Taylor Kitsch in action would make me vomit. I did, however, find other sources referencing the interview, and all of them portray the idea of Rogue and Gambit being brought up by Kitsch himself.

    Also, my problem with Kitsch is that he is not a talented actor. He is nothing but a pretty face with no substance to his acting. I do not care that your bedroom walls are plastered with Kitsch posters torn from the pages of "Teen Beat." Being on TV does not make one talented. Just ask Michael Richards.

    In addition, if you disagree with anything I have to say, I don't care. This is my blog, full of my opinions, and I will continue to say what I want to say. Do not question my motives or intentions here. I am sure there are plenty of Taylor Kitsch fan-sites you can troll around and discuss how "dreamy" he is with other pre-pubescent girls.

    Thank you for eating shit and dying.

    The Person Who Hates Your Guts (a.k.a Me)

  4. Anon 1--what makes you think most Gambit fans hated his relationship with Rogue? I'm a Gambit fan and I love that relationship. The LJ group dedicated to their relationship has twice as many fans as the LJ of the characters alone, though talk of them as a couple goes on in all three, mostly in a positive way.

    Gambit usually comes in the top 5 of most popular X-characters. If a lot of his fans were telling Marvel they didn't like the relationship, or weren't buying books about their relationship, it would end in a second. It's survived this long because lots of people like/buy it.


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