The Return of Cloak & Dagger

Twitter has never gotten me so excited as it did today.

A Tweet from Twitter brought this link to my attention. I cannot explain how awesome I think this is.

At first I was confused about why Cloak and Dagger, my favorite twosome in comic books, is teaming up with the X-Men. To my knowledge, neither of them is a mutant (I think Dagger may have been classified as one later in her existence, but I'm not sure.) So I did a little research on these "Dark X-Men" as they are being called.

Stop now if you want nothing spoiled.

The Dark X-Men are Norman Osbourne's answer to the X-Men. He and Emma Frost assemble a team of mutants (and Cloak and Dagger) to be his mutant team. From what I read on Wikipedia, the team consists of Emma Frost, Charles Xavier (so awesome), Cloak and Dagger, Namor, and Daken, Wolverine's son.

I'm really curious how this new team will be handled. The whole 'Dark Reign' thing isn't grabbing me like the previous mega-crossovers have, but I also wasn't feeling 'Secret Invasion' when it first came to fruition, even though I really got into it later on. I'm hoping that this 'Dark X-Men' thing really pulls me in, which, with Cloak and Dagger playing major roles, it most likely will.

I also completely respect Matt Fraction and his writing. Besides being a really weird guy, as his Twitter page can attest to, he has the same love for Cloak and Dagger that I do. Of all of the characters he could have used to round out his line-up of Dark X-Men, he chose C&D. So awesome.

The only bad news that this creates is that the Cloak and Dagger mini-series has been pushed back because of their involvement in Dark Reign. I guess in the end I win because though I may have to wait for the mini, I still get more Cloak and Dagger.

Hopefully, this brings the characters more exposure and sets them up for a big budget movie. That would rock.

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