Dear Yahoo!,

Having used your products for about 12 years now, yours has become a name I've grown to trust. Search engines, news, and even weather; I spend quite a few hours a week on your website. But what I use the most is your e-mail. However, in the past few weeks, the level of trust is being severely strained.

I would like to ask you to stop selling my e-mail address.

I know what you are going to say. "As it states in the terms and conditions, your information is never sold." Bullshit. You have no problem putting my e-mail address on a list and trading that for cash. Sure, my personal information is kept safe, and I thank you for that. But my e-mail address... that shit is sold more than a Taiwanese hooker's pussy.

I have a feeling your next defense might be something like "technically, it isn't your e-mail address. We own it; we just let you use it."

OK. I'll concede that. But the name I use in my -mail address has been copyrighted by me, so therefore, by selling our e-mail address you are selling part of my property, and thus I think you owe me a little.

Now Yahoo, you might be asking how I figured this all out? It was quite easy. I spent hours one day going through the massive amounts of e-mail in my Inbox. There were so many solicitations for going to Medical School, Engineering School, even a new deck. What really got me was the ad to find the perfect bra. Now, I'm self-conscious about my weight as it is, but to imply that I have bitch tits was going too far.

See, all of this mail wouldn't have bothered me, if it had gone to my Junk Mail folder. But it went to my Inbox, which tells me that Yahoo allowed it to go there (most of this shit would have been filtered out by any half-way decent filter), and the reason that it was allowed was because a company greased Yahoo's palm.

So really. With the amount that you make on advertising on the million plus pages of your uber-site, you don't need the extra revenue by selling e-mail addresses. It does nothing but irritate your users. You have enough competition with all the other free e-mail providers out on the internet. Do we need a reason to go over to Hotmail?



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