Michael Vick released from prison.

Lock up your dogs, everyone! The most detestable player to come from the NFL was released from prison yesterday.

Michael Vick, who made headlines almost two years ago when it was discovered that he was bankrolling backyard dogfights andillegal gambling, was released from prison and is under house arrest for the next two months. Right now, the question everyone is asking is will be be allowed to play football again?

Completely unimportant. The true question is 'should he be allowed to play football again?

Michael Vick admitted to bankrolling these dogfights. He admitted his guilt to a crime and spent 19 months in jail for it. His contract with the NFL has been cancelled, as well as all endorsements he may have had. He has become a disgusting blight on our society. Yet, I still feel that he hasn't suffered enough.

Michael Vick, whether for good or bad, was a role model to our children. At 27 years old, he had a $130 million contract and was living the life that most of America could only dream of. And he threw it away. For what? To watch dogs maul themselves to death? The original indictment alleged that Vick had knowledge of everything that occurred in his home in Virginia, and he even took part in the execution of the dogs that didn't fight well.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has a lot on his plate with the decision of whether to reinstate Michael Vick or not. But, in my opinion, the decision is not a difficult one. He does not deserve to play football professionally again. In any capacity.

As part of his probation, Vick will be working a construction job with a private company making $10 an hour. All I have to say is, good. He doesn't deserve the fame or the fortune. Despite what people say, he doesn't even deserve a second chance. He fucked up big time and now he has to pay the consequences, just like he paid off all of those losing bets.

Congratulations, Michael. You managed to go from NFL Superstar to reviled ex-athlete is just under 2 years. I hope those dogfights were worth it, you scumbag.

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  1. I like dogs as much as the next person, I have had a few myself but remember these are still animals we are talking about, people that have murdered other people still get released from jail, even sexual predators are loose in our neighborhoods.
    would Vick be as detestable if he had been involved in cock fighting? if we ate dogs instead of having them as pets would anyone care as much?
    Vick has suffered he has lost
    millions he will never get back because of his reputation and because a NFL career is not as long as you think.
    I don't care that much about Vick he should not have been stupid, find some other way to entertain yourself but still, let the punishment fit the crime.


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