Get to know the Dark X-Men

All week long, Marvel.com will be posting dossiers of the team members of the upcoming Dark X-Men. For anyone who doesn't know the characters intimately, this is a good chance to get to know the motivations of the mutants who will soon be on Norman Osborn's payroll.

Mimic kicked things off on Tuesday. Although he has been around since the X-Men of the sixties, Mimic never got much face time in the X-books. His powers included absorbing the strengths and abilities of those he is around, which include not only mutant abilities but also intelligence and talents as well. With the powers of the original five X-Men (Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Angel, and Marvel Girl), Mimic is a formidable foe and an exciting addition to the Dark X-Men.

Wednesday brought about Cloak and Dagger, a duo that I am excited to see in action again. Their motivation for being on the team, and for working with Osborn, should be an interesting juxtaposition to that of their teammates. They are looking for redemption, and a chance to clear their names. But along the way they wonder to themselves whether what they are doing is right.

Today boasts the powers of Weapon Omega. When I first saw the cover for the Dark X-Men issue, I had wondered who that guy with the Omega symbol on his chest in the background was. Thankfully, these dossiers clears that up. Weapon Omega made his appearance back in New Avengers #16 as a fucked up dude who gained the powers of all the mutants who fell victim to M-Day, and killed thousands of people, including Alpha Flight. Since then, he spent some time with Omega Flight as retribution for his actions.

Check out Marvel.com tomorrow to see who else gets added to the list.

So far, four powerful mutants comprise the team, with four more not even mentioned. It's going to be interesting, at the least, to see what kind of trouble the Dark X-Men make for Cyclops and his X-Men. With Matt Fraction writing the project and the awesome art of Terry Dodson, Dark X-Men is proving to be a great storyline with some of my favorite characters. I can't wait to see how they pull this off and how it will impact the mutants of Marvel.

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