Angels and Demons

All day today felt like a Friday to me. Probably because I'm rarely off from work on Thursdays, so I just assumed that it was Friday. Luckily, I realized that tomorrow is in fact Friday, and that means movie day.

Angels and Demons hits theaters tomorrow and I cannot wait to see it. I read The DaVinci Code when it came out, and since then, I've been a fan of Dan Brown. To be honest, his writing is rather clunky, but the puzzles that he creates are amazing. The plot he weaves in DaVinci is inspired, and he makes the adventure more exciting with all of the mysteries that he works into the chase.

After reading DaVinci, I couldn't wait to read Angels. To be honest, I thought it was much better than DaVinci. I love the whole story about the Illuminati, the battle between science and religion, and the chase across Italy. And the way the book ended, I thought Dan Brown had the biggest set of balls in the writing world.

It's been a few years since I read Angels and Demons, so I don't remember the intricacies of the story that well. But that, to me, would be a good thing. I do remember how much I liked the story, so I'll be reliving it all over again.

If Angels is half as good as the film version of The DaVinci Code was, then I will be satisfied.

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